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Debbie’s Tried & True Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Award Winning Manhattan Interior Designer

There are a few general rules to consider when selecting a paint color. If you want your space to look and feel calm, try and choose lighter shades. If the space calls for high productivity or focus like a home office or study room, choose brighter and more saturated hues. If you would like a space to provide both calm and focus, try choosing a light and soft shade of a brighter color, like blue or green. Or choose a neutral like beige or gray and bring color in other ways like through window treatments or other home accessories.

Picking the right paint color can be overwhelming. But, have no fear! These are our go-to paint colors. Here at DLT Interiors, we use these all the time and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.
Classic Gray – Never disappoints. It’s a  Soft, warm light gray that works in every room and every interior as a neutral backdrop. It is known for its warm undertones and its classic look.
Classic gray pairs well with Slate Blue and Midnight Blue.
classic gray
Light Pewter – This a beautiful warm gray with taupe undertones which is slightly more intense in color, but still a soft neutral that is foolproof and works with all colors. It really pops with a semi gloss white trim/moldings.
Light Pewter pairs well with Silver Spring and Appalachian Brown.
Light pewter
Silver cloud – This is my go-to light blue with undertones of gray to make it a sophisticated soft blue. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms or anywhere you want a soft light blue color without being too “baby blue”.
Silver Cloud pairs well with Cape Blue and Super Nova.
Simply white- This is the most beautiful white because it feels like cotton on a spring day. It is warm and inviting unlike other sterile whites.
Simply White pairs well with Pilgrim Haze and Silver Song.
Simply white
Decorators White- My go to white when I want a hint of gray as well. Great for kitchens and bathrooms.
Decorators White pairs well with Landscape.
Decorator's white
Chantilly lace – Hands down the best TRUE white. I use on all moldings, doors and trim. No pink, blue or gray in this beautiful clean white.
Chantilly Lace pairs well with Wrought Iron and Sweet Innocence.
Chantilly Lace

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